Selected images from my wildlife series (colour & mono) can now be yours to own and enjoy as Open or Limited Edition prints. These images are printed on acid free archival paper using large format professional grade Giclée (inkjet) printers that use pigments (not dyes). The final result is a high quality fine art print with fade resistant ink longevity (up to 200 years).

Open Edition prints can be printed any number of times – without limit. Therefore, they are priced lower than a Limited Edition print.

All prints come a white border around the image to allow for paper handling as well as to provide visual space for the image to ‘breathe’ when framed. The same professional care, quality and materials that go into producing a Limited Edition print go into producing an Open Edition print.

Open Edition prints are not signed.  

Contact me for pricing or enquiries

Due to their uniqueness some images have been specially chosen to be sold as Limited Editions. These images are limited to a maximum run of up to 50 prints. After the maximum number of print sales have been reached, the image will no longer be available for purchase as a fine art print.

The exclusive nature of a Limited Edition print effectively raises its value. As each print is sold its scarcity and therefore its value grows. As a result, the price of each print may increase after each lot of 5-10 are sold. It would be wise, therefore, to purchase prints sooner rather than later.

Before a Limited Edition print is despatched, it is personally checked to ensure quality. Once approved, it is then hand numbered and signed just beneath the image area. A Certificate of Authenticity will also accompany your purchase indicating the number of your print in the run and the date that the print was created.

Contact me for pricing or enquiries

To provide maximum protection all prints are despatched in strong postage tubes. Delivery prices will vary depending on destination and mode of transport. Due to packaging and shipping costs, overseas orders will generally be shipped as unframed prints.

Framing is available upon request (currently for Australian residents only). If you require a quote for framed prints to overseas destinations please contact me.

Custom sizes are also available upon request. Please note however that whilst most images can be enlarged to a reasonable size, loss of detail may occur if an image is blown up too much. Therefore, in order to maintain print quality and integrity, the maximum size in which an image can be blown up to will be left at the discretion of the photographer.

Canvas prints are only available for Open Edition prints upon request.